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Sealant is a substance capable of holding materials together by surface attachment which includes among others glue, cement and paste...

Polyurethane Fill & Fix  Foam

Fire Seal Fire Retardant Foam

Diy Expanding Can Foam

Automotive PU Spray Foam

Chassis Stiffening Foam

Soudal Fill + Fix Foam one-component PU foam is excellent adhesion on most substrates. It is very good for filling gaps and cavities, seals hollow areas and many more application... ounting capacities, stable...

Sikaflex Marine Sealants

Sikaflex« adhesives and sealants are extensively used in the construction of a wide range of marine craft and structures. In fact everything from pleasure yachts to passenger liners,
fishing boats to tankers...
Trucks & Trailers Body Builders MS-Polymer Sealants

Seal & Bond Fix All Crystal clear Sealants

Food Grade Silicone Sealants Food & Beverages (F&B)

Cleanroom FDA Approved Food Safe Sealants

HVAC ventilation filter, air conditiong ducts sealing

Automotive PU Spray Foam is widely used  in autofoaming car's Body Frame such as Strengthen Chassis, Reduce Noise, Vibration & Harshness. Filling up gaps in the hollow areas of door sills and undercarriage in order to absorb vibration, block wind noise and most importantly act as car's soundproof system.

After autofoaming, you can FEEL the difference of the true driving SENSATION! Just like a dream come true to have a track car's handling with luxury comfort feel.

Let's turn your car into the ultimate driving machine with SIMPLE & FAST soundproofing high quality automotive foam. With that, you can enjoy the entire whole new level of driving experience!

Automotive Foam is one-component PU foam which is excellent in filling gaps , sealing off the hollow sections of the car's body.

The injected foam expands and hardens, it would stiffen the part of the chassis.

The foam that dispenses from the aerosol can is moisture cured and draws humidity from the air for cure.

It is simple and the most affordable way to enjoy a better driving performance, feels the luxury comfort and get the superior handling characteristics.

Furthermore, it is good for soundproofing system, to help reduce vibration, soaking up the road noise thus reducing unwanted noise, plus helping to increase the longevity of the vehicle and deaden sound. Helping to provide a more comfortable and quite environment.

On top of that, the foam is almost weightless, it is like a sponge but rigid, hard as a rock and as strong as solid steel bar.


autofoam car's chassis stiffening

Inject Automotive PU Spray Foam into the car chassis to achieve superb handling characteristics and reduce noise.

NVH car chassis soundproofing with experience installers.


autofoam strengthen chassis

Spray foam seals off hollow points of the car's body o reduce wind noise and to reduce car's body flex.

Windshield Pillar (A Pillar)

Center Pillar (B Pillar)

Rear Pillar (C Pillar)

sound proofing energy absorption

Soudal Fill & Fix Spray Foam, 750ml can with CFC-free propellant is a one-component, self expanding, ready to use polyurethane foam with propellants which are completely harmless to the ozone layer.
Category Type: Semi-Rigid Foam

basis comfort luxury ultimate package

Soudafoam FR(6 hours) Fire Retardant Foam, 750ml/can with CFC-free propellant is a one-component, self expanding, ready to use polyurethane foam with propellants which are completely harmless to the ozone layer.
It has a fire rating of up 6 hours!
Category Type: Semi-Rigid Foam


The process of injecting automotive spray foam into the car's chassis.

Key Features:
  • Good adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces such as UPVC, masonry, brick, block work, glass, steel, aluminum, timber and other substrates (except PP, PE and Teflon).
  • Expands up to 30 times its original volume.
  • The cured product can be cut, trimmed, sanded and painted.
  • A 750ml canister yields approximately 30 liters of free expanded foam.
  • Ozone safe as it does not contain CFCs and is environmentally friendly
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use.
  • Temperature resistance: approximately -40║C +90║C.
  • Excellent Stability: No Shrink or post expansion
  • Consistent expanding
  • High Density



Standard Model: SOUDAL FILL + FIX FOAM,

Big Can, 750ml  soundproofing foam, waterproof and consistent expanding.



Model: SOUDAFOAM FR, Big Can 750ml, Fire Seal! Soundproofing foam, waterproof and consistent expanding.


 Fire Rating up to 6 hours!

Tested & Approved : Warrington Fire Report BS 476



High Quality Foam, insulates against Heat & Noise.

Made in Belgium.

There are 989 ways of foaming application, it depends on how creative you use the foam to solve all your requirements.

We provide delivery services throughout Malaysia.


Note: Terms & Conditions apply.

Packing size: 12 canisters Foam/carton.

For loose cans, you can get it at our Showroom by appointment only.

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