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SEAL & BOND Adhesive Sealants. FIX ALL.

Sealant is a substance capable of holding materials together by surface attachment which includes among others glue, cement and paste...

Polyurethane Fill & Fix Foam

Fire Seal Fire Retardant Foam

Diy Expanding Can Foam

Automotive PU Spray Foam

Chassis Stiffening Foam


Soudal Fill + Fix Foam one-component PU foam is excellent adhesion on most substrates It is very good for filling gaps and cavities, seals hollow areas and many more application... ounting capacities, stable...

Marine Adhesive Sealants

Marine adhesives and sealants are extensively used in the construction of a wide range of marine craft and structures. In fact everything from pleasure yachts to passenger liners,
fishing boats to tankers...

Trucks & Trailers Body Builders MS-Polymer Sealants

Seal & Bond Fix All Crystal clear Sealants

Food Grade Silicone Sealants Food & Beverages (F&B)

Cleanroom FDA Approved Food Safe Sealants

HVAC ventilation filter, air conditiong ducts sealing

Food Safe FDA Approved Cleanroom Sealant is strictly used for clean room environments, in the industries which include Pharmaceutical plants, Biotechnological, Hospitals, Medical Clean rooms & Laboratories such as sealing joints, walls, doors, ceiling systems, air-conditioning ducts, critical operational rooms etc.

This Clean room Sealant is also essential for Food & Beverage processing environments, sanitary applications, cold store installations,  ice cream vans, bakeries, refrigerated food delivery vehicles and more.

The cleanroom sealant is formulated using a premium quality FDA approved silicone & MS-polymer based sealants with an Anti-Fungal, almost no smell and tested occasional food contact at least 48 hours, hence it is safe for use in food preparation areas.

The Microbial treated sealant actively helps prevent growth of Bacteria and Black Mould that can be present in recesses, corners and gaps in many commercial, domestic, medical and pharmaceutical clean areas.


Food Safe FDA Cleanroom Sealant
Silirub 2/S is high quality neutral sanitary & cleanroom application. Elastically one-component joint sealant.



Fungicide Hospital pharmaceutical plant



Silirub Cleanroom is with extra anti-microbial action, extra resistant against bacteria & fungi for Hospital & Laboratory.




Contains Bethoguard™ technology

from Janssen Pharmaceutica.


operating room critical room


Soudaseal Cleanroom is with extra mechanical properties, can use for bonding metals such as vibrating structures (extra mechanical resistance).




Cleanroom sealant seals the joint areas.

Silirub Cleanroom is a high-quality neutral, elastic low modulus silicone sealant. This special sealant has been developed for sealing applications in critical surroundings (hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical industry) and in foodsafe applications. Contains Bethoguard™ technology from Janssen Pharmaceutica.

Especially for infection control department to ensure that there are no potential breeding grounds for infectious organisms like fungi or bacteria in the hospital.

Food Safe FDA Approved Silicone Sealants on more applications:


  • Sealing in Cleanroom applications in hospitals, laboratories, medical center and other critical surroundings

  • Sealing in environments where food is handled and stored (food containers, cold store installations, storage cold room, food industry, food processing room etc

  • Expansion joints between different building materials, glass glazing, air-conditioning warehouse


Technical Norms/Conforms with:

  • Rapport IANESCO 551, conformity to FDA CFR 21 §177.2600 (e)

  • Rapport IANESCO 3812-label alimentaire for applications in food surroundings

  • France: “Mastic Elastomère 1ère cat. sans primaire sur verre, alu et béton (label SNJF)

  • Gemany: DIN 18540 Teil 2 – DIN 18545 Teil 2 Dichtstoffgruppe E

  • United Kingdom: BS 5889 Type A

  • USA: TTS 001543a Class A

  • Belgium: ATG 1808 (NIT 107)


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