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SEAL & BOND Adhesive Sealants

Sealant is a substance capable of holding materials together by surface attachment which includes among others glue, cement and paste...

Polyurethane Fill & Fix  Foam

Fire Seal Fire Retardant Foam

Diy Expanding Can Foam

Automotive PU Spray Foam

Chassis Stiffening Foam


Soudal Fill + Fix Foam one-component PU foam is excellent adhesion on most substrates. It is very good for filling gaps and cavities, seals hollow areas and many more application... ount


Sikaflex Marine Sealants

Sikaflex® adhesives and sealants are extensively used in the construction of a wide range of marine craft and structures. In fact everything from pleasure yachts to passenger liners,
fishing boats to tankers...
Trucks & Trailers Body Builders MS-Polymer Sealants

Seal & Bond Fix All Crystal clear Sealants

Food Grade Silicone Sealants Food & Beverages (F&B)

Cleanroom FDA Approved Food Safe Sealants

HVAC ventilation filter, air conditiong ducts sealing

Glazing Sealant is the professional Glazing compound for building and construction such as Aluminium Sub-Frame Window, Glass Glazing, Curtain Wall Sealing.

Joint-Sealing to Pre-cast Concrete, Metal Sun Louvers and most Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) Glazing works.

It is also widely used in top part joint-sealing for weather-proof glazing jobs for Express Coaches and the Roofing Systems.

Glazing Sealant is for glazing application such as seal glass, aluminium and metal joints in buildings.

More application: For all the usual building and construction joints, top sealing and glazing jobs, building joints, expansion joints between different building material, sealing between concrete and glass, sealing between PVC and glass, sealing between aluminium and glass.

Gazing sealant is excellent for high-rise and low-rise, housing and commercial buildings, hospitals, shopping complexes and mosques.

Window Sub-frame sealing to prevent leakage.
Apply window glazing sealant
Sealing between glass to glass
Preparing glass glazing sealant

The sealing process for aluminium composite panel (ACP)
Silirub N Neutral glazing Sealant is formulated for high movement joints. Fast curing, flexible and weather tight seal. It adheres to most common building materials including glass, uPVC, and other glazed surfaces, metals, wood, aluminium. No smell.
Zwaluw Neutral sanitary glazing sealant for curtain wall and all glazing (glass, PVC, aluminium, metal, wood and concrete) works. No smell, anti-fungus.
Professional Building Silicone Sealants, for all the usual building and construction joints and all glazing works.

The total sealing solution provider for top sealing on glazing works and to seal aluminium composite panel


Technical Norms/Conforms with:

  • PSB Singapore:ASTM C920:2001

  • PSB Singapore:ASTM 1248 (Aluminium)

  • United Kingdom: BS 5889 Type A


SUBROSA, Your Sealing & Bonding Partner
The professional sealant expert to help fill gaps, seal joints and to prevent leakages.

 100 % High Quality Glazing Sealant from Belgium. Odorless.

We provide delivery services throughout Malaysia.


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Packing size: 25 tubes /carton.

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